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Hello Friend!

Thank you so much for your interest in helpng us serve the beautiful country of Uganda! We have recently returned from Kampala Uganda and after seeing the intense and urgent needs, we have partnered with GO-Overflow ministries and are commited to seeing a girls home and school come to furition. We are planning to return to work alongside other leaders of Uganda to make this vision a reality.

here is a video link that shows much of the work we will be doing in several different cities during our stay. Please feel free to share this video. GO-Overflow is always looking for partners to help aid in the many projects they support in Uganda, Tanzania and Belize.

At our upcoming trip, we will be working at a medical/maternity clinic that helps those who cannot afford care in the slums and various surrounding villages. We will get to love on young ladies who have been pulled out of prostitution and sex trafficking, visit several schools and churches, provide HIV/Aids training, but most importantly, we will get to share the love of Jesus with everyone we come in contact with!

I can't begin to explain how impactful it was for the young children of Uganda to see an African American male and female come and serve. They are used to seeing our caucasian brothers and sisters serve them. They hung on our every word, following us around and asking a million quesions. We were able to pour into the youth so easily and we believe it is because they saw themselves in us. They could relate and from THAT place, we could minister deeply. It was overwelmingly powerful! 

We would love to raise $10,000. $5000 for each of us. My husband and I would be overjoyed to go back an serve the beautiful sisters and brothers of Uganda. This amount would help us to get to Uganda, help with medications, medical supplies and supplies for the children's school. Any amount donated is greatly appreciated! All donations are tax deductible.

For more information on this wonderful organization, feel free to visit their website at


My friend, Thank you so very much!!!


M & M Wilkins

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